Foreigners may purchase real estate in the Republic of Croatia or acquire the right of ownership of real estate if they are citizens and legal entities of states with which there is reciprocity for acquiring the right of ownership of real estate in the Republic of Croatia with the prior consent of the Ministry of Justice.

EEA nationals and legal entities from EEA region may acquire the right of ownership of real estate under the preconditions that apply to the acquisition of property rights for citizens of the Republic of Croatia and legal entities based in the Republic of Croatia, except real estate in the agricultural area.

Namely, pursuant to the provisions of the Treaty of Accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, EEA nationals may not acquire agricultural land from the date of accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union for the next 7 years, with the possibility of ban for another 3 years.

Non-EEA nationals and legal entities from non-EEA region who do not fulfil the reciprocity precondition, may acquire real estate in Croatia by establishing a company in Croatia which would then be the owner of the real estate.

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Croatian citizenship can be acquired by the origin of the person, by birth in the Croatian territory, naturalization as well as according to international treaties.

Please note that Croatian Citizenship Act was amended on January 2020 providing people to apply for Croatian citizenship based on origin (lineage) under more favourable conditions – namely, those applicants are no longer in obligation to take the language and culture test.

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Foreign legal entities and persons may:

  • Invest capital on a contractual basis
  • Invest in a company
  • Invest in a bank or insurance company
  • Set up as craftspeople or do business as sole traders
  • Obtain a concession to exploit natural resources or other assets of interest to Croatia


A company is a legal entity established and organized in accordance with the Companies Act. All companies are registered in a court register following the Court Register Act and the Rules of Court Register Entry Procedures.

The law also regulates the establishment of branch offices and the position of sole traders.

A company is liable to settle its debts with all its assets. Owners/ shareholders in private and public limited companies and partners in a limited partnership are not personally liable for the obligations of the company, unless the Companies Act provides otherwise.

Partners in general partnerships and general partners in limited partnerships have unlimited liability to cover the debts of their partnership jointly, severally and with all their personal assets.


A domestic or foreign legal entity or natural person may establish a company.

Company name:

A company name must consist of a proper name and an indication of the company’s business activity as well as abbreviation which clearly indicates the legal form of a specific company, for example Ltd or Inc.

It must be written in the Croatian language and Latin script, or in official language of member state of the European Union. Arabic numerals may also be used. The company name may contain foreign words if these are:

  • Part of the name/company name owned by a partner/owner/shareholder, or
  • The trade-/service mark, (protected in the Republic of Croatia) of a partner/ owner/shareholder or their company registered in Croatia,
  • In cases when such words are common in the Croatian language or
  • Where there is no appropriate corresponding word in the Croatian language, or
  • Where words of a dead language are used.

The company name may be entered in a court register also in a translation in one or more foreign languages. If the word Croatia or any word form derived from it is to be used in the company name, special consent from the Government of the Republic of Croatia or by state authority authorized by the Government is a requirement.

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Croatia each year attracts millions of travellers from the whole world and is being recognized as a country worth investment due its climate, geographical position as well as affordability which is a key element for many business people.
As already a famous country for tourist sightseeing, tourism accounted over 20% of Croatia’s GDP in 2019, which indicates that tourism is one of the most lucrative Croatian industries to invest in.

As one of the newest members of the European Union, Croatia has an access to the rest of the EU which means there are no restrictions for Croatian companies to import and export goods within the EU.