Business in Croatia

The Croatian legal framework governing foreign investment has been designed in a way that does not make any difference between domestic and foreign investors. All possibilities in relations between domestic investors are also open to foreigners investing capital in Croatia, provided reciprocity principle is met.

Moreover, foreign investors enjoy additional guarantees that are not given to domestic investors.

The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia provides that no law or other legal document shall reduce the rights granted to a foreign investor at the time of investment in Croatia.

It also guarantees the free repatriation of profits or capital upon fulfillment of all legal obligations.

Your reliable business partner

Stimulating investment & business environment

Stability & safety of
business activity

Unique geostrategic
location in Europe

EU member- access to a market of over 500 million people

Equal rights for foreign & domestic investors

Highly educated, multilingual & competent workforce

Long tradition in
industrial production

Modern transport infrastructure

Access to EU funds

Corporate tax 12-18% Tax incentives up to 100% tax deduction


Croatia each year attracts millions of travellers from the whole world and is being recognized as a country worth investment due its climate, geographical position as well as affordability which is a key element for many business people.
As already a famous country for tourist sightseeing, tourism accounted over 20% of Croatia’s GDP in 2019, which indicates that tourism is one of the most lucrative Croatian industries to invest in.

As one of the newest members of the European Union, Croatia has an access to the rest of the EU which means there are no restrictions for Croatian companies to import and export goods within the EU.